Now party on Wednesdays Kolkata !

Peaceful Nights, Hip-Hop Sessions, Bollywood Nights. Kolkata’s doing wednesdays right!


Yeah right!

So we had the party animals in town complaining that they had nowhere to go on a wednesday. 

Well all kudos to few Nightclubs in Kolkata that took the initiative to aid this issue.

MBar & Kitchen, certainly a very pompous place located on the ever occupied and happening lanes of Park Street seems to be having really pulsating Wednesdays.

Here is a cliche of what brews on Wednesday Nights at MBar & Kitchen.

The concept itself being quite amusing and attractive. Here we have our very own friends serving us drinks & cocktails playing the Star Bartender for the night. 

Like this week I have my very own friends being the Star Bartender for the night. 

The Startender Nights at MBAR & KITCHEN are surely going to give you some crazy upcoming Wednesdays. 

Its all Hot & Happening for the ladies on wednesdays. 

Tantra, The Park and the very newly renovated Black Lounge & Bar holds ladies night outs on the day. Black came up with a very bright idea to have jam-packed Wednesdays. Knowing the love for Hip-Hop music in Kolkata, they have begun Hip-Hop sessions/Girls Night Out on Wednesdays. 

Given you are looking for something peaceful for a chill evening get together or a romantic date maybe ? 

Well Pour House is the place to be then. With soft soothing sufi music around , there cannot be a better escape.

Happy Wednesday Kolkata !

Author: Khushii Gupta

21. Inquisitive. Perceptive. Eccentric. Making each step count.

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