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Good music, Enthusiactic crowd, DJs getting y’all groove to their beats and a Perfect address.

Ah, the night can be dope-headed.

Being an nocturnal myself, the night has always been an adventure to explore for me. And If you are reading this, the Nightlife surely has become a crucial part of your life as well.

The Social Junkie is going to be your ultimate feed and guideline to the gigs and happenings in and around the city. Giving you a proper overview of the Events, Artists, Venue and all other things that makes you go humming the tunes of the black eyes peas’ “Tonight’s gonna be a good night”
Here’s to a beautiful journey and to making you go gaga over your upcoming nights. 

Be the social junkie. 🙂

Watch IND vs PAK at the city’s favourite Sundowner – Decible, live tomorrow.

IND vs PAK champions trophy to be aired live at Decible Sundowner tomorrow, 1:30 pm onwards.

Sundowners are my favourite and so is Decible.

Decible being one such team that has been giving Kolkata back to back episodes of sundowners and pool parties, successful and raging ones at that. 

Here’s a peek-a-boo into the last four editions of Decible this summer.

Well this Sunday, they are back with just another fuming line up that includes all our local favourites. With the fifth edition coming up this Sunday, I’m sure nobody wanna miss out on it.

Damn, take a look at the artist line up, it seems like kolkata’s gon be witnessing a night full of crazy Hip-Hop, Rnb and commercial music.

And get clicked by kolkata’s most reknowed photographers.

To add more spice to it, well we have the most awaited IND vs PAK champions trophy tomorrow which is going to be aired live at Decible.

That’s right, our favourite men behind the deck and our favourite men sweating it out on the field, who’d dare to miss Decible ? 

You couldn’t ask for more, Decible’s having happy hours till 6pm.

Exciting games, happy hours, amazing line-up, rocking music and yeah IND vs PAK champions trophy live by the pool.

P.s. – Don’t forget to carry your swimsuit if you wanna get into the pool, which obviously makes all of it more exciting.

Well my Sunday is sorted, See you at Smoke Shack Kolkata !

Now party on Wednesdays Kolkata !

Peaceful Nights, Hip-Hop Sessions, Bollywood Nights. Kolkata’s doing wednesdays right!

Yeah right!

So we had the party animals in town complaining that they had nowhere to go on a wednesday. 

Well all kudos to few Nightclubs in Kolkata that took the initiative to aid this issue.

MBar & Kitchen, certainly a very pompous place located on the ever occupied and happening lanes of Park Street seems to be having really pulsating Wednesdays.

Here is a cliche of what brews on Wednesday Nights at MBar & Kitchen.

The concept itself being quite amusing and attractive. Here we have our very own friends serving us drinks & cocktails playing the Star Bartender for the night. 

Like this week I have my very own friends being the Star Bartender for the night. 

The Startender Nights at MBAR & KITCHEN are surely going to give you some crazy upcoming Wednesdays. 

Its all Hot & Happening for the ladies on wednesdays. 

Tantra, The Park and the very newly renovated Black Lounge & Bar holds ladies night outs on the day. Black came up with a very bright idea to have jam-packed Wednesdays. Knowing the love for Hip-Hop music in Kolkata, they have begun Hip-Hop sessions/Girls Night Out on Wednesdays. 

Given you are looking for something peaceful for a chill evening get together or a romantic date maybe ? 

Well Pour House is the place to be then. With soft soothing sufi music around , there cannot be a better escape.

Happy Wednesday Kolkata !

This seems like a kick-ass weekend Kolkata !

Zaeden, Sartek all set to party with Kolkata this week.

Bring it on Kolkataaaa !

The following weekend we have the two most popular names of the country with us. Crazy Music, Crazy Vibes, and alot more Crazier Crowd makes up to one helluva end to the week.

The two national opening acts for Justin Bieber Purpose tour India, (The concert that created more controversies than any political issues in country) happen to be in Kolkata this weekend and trust me they are prepared to deliver their best, given to the enthusiastic crowd that Kolkata owns. 

After performing at the JB Concert, Fun Republic Social, Mumbai and Superbike,Bangalore the ever energetic SARTEK is going to set his feet at Club Boudoir Kolkata. With his peppy and upbeat tracks, he is one of the most reknowed DJ in the country right now. 

Catch him this Friday at One High Night and get set partaaaay !

And then we have our ladies man, ZAEDEN Undoubtedly he has won a million hearts across the country and Ooops ! Also broken many. Being among the globetrotting DJs across the country he is going to be playing for Uncultured Night at one of the most happening place of the town.

This Sunday Be Jovial, Be Happy, Be you cause we got Zaeden to give us a kickass kickstart for the week ahead.

See you right there Kolkata!

Until then keep partying and keep loving the night. 

The 3D Rule of Safe Partying: DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE

Pubs and Nightclubs in Kolkata take initiative to spread awareness against drinking and driving.

The sudden demise of the 27 year old Model/Anchor Sonika Chauhan in a car accident came across as a shock to the nation. The actress,  who was returning from a party with another TV Actor Vikram Chatterjee who happened to be driving the car at a very high speed when the accident took place.20170509_115146.png

It isn’t much of a doubt that Vikram was drunk, but there is absolutely no legal proof since The Kolkata Police made a mistake of not going after Vikram after the accident.

Owing to the incident, A number of Top Notch Pubs and Nightclubs in Kolkata are taking the initiative to prevent their guests from drunk driving , ensuring that they reach home sound and healthy by providing afterparty drop services.

People have taken efforts and started campaigns, writing articles and poems to spread the word.

‘DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE’20170509_123948.png

Here’s a list of the clubs providing guests with after party drop services :


Awarded as The best nightclub in Kolkata earlier, Myx has always given us crazy nights with packed dance floors and amazing music.

They never fail to experiment with genres.

Also after their latest announcement of having Jagerbombs on the house every Friday, Introducing UBER Kiosks at Myx just shows how much they care. 



M Bar holds an utterly insane crowd on the weekends.

With the DJs playing tracks from 90s to the current times and getting the crowd grooving all night, the bar just happens to be jam packed.

Hence they are providing AFTER-PARTY DRIVER SERVICE to get home safe after a crazy night.


  • NOCTURNE – live the night !

As the name suggests, Nocturne happens to be one of the most happening places in town, with upbeat and vibrant music and dazzling visuals, providing you with a complete experience of the night.

Their simple advice, “If you’re drinking, Don’t drive. If you’re driving, Don’t drink.

Introduing OLA kiosks on the weekends at the club, which allows you to simply book a cab ride back home.

Live the night!20170509_113003.png



Coming down to the most popular hangout spot for youngsters in town, what’s in d name has never let it’s crowd down.

The two-floored Pub not only holds a loyal crowd but also a bunchful of memories to itself.

Amazing music, amazing people and the weekends for sure gonna be LIT at WIDN.FB_IMG_1494309211005.jpg


THE PARK, KOLKATA has given us reasons to party till early hours in the morning, contributing alot to the nightlife scenes in kolkata.

The vibe, the music, the ambience and the utterly energetic crowd at Roxy, Tantra, Aqua and Someplace Else simply deserve nothing less than a Bowdown.

The Park always has and always will strive for the welfare of their guests, hence spreading awareness among people.20170509_123628.png





Your Guideline to Nightlife in your city.

Yayyyy, and the weekend is here. 

And here we are, Giving you a quick brief about all the places you could visit today and release all the stress and negativity of the week, and sorta prepare yourself for another set of weekdays eh ? 😋

Okay Kolkata. 

After a very hot and amazing night of Bollywood EDM tracks by Actress cum DJ Shilpi Sharma at Club Boudoir yesterday and Gaurav Malaker and Avinash Kumar aka  Blot smashing the night with their Organic and Electronic music at the very new hotspot of the town, Phoenix, I’m pretty sure you have received your early weekend chills ? 

DJ Shilpi Sharma at Club Boudoir Kolkata

In case not we have ‘The Royal Flush’ for you.

CANDICE REDDING is very much ready to get you the jackpot tonight at AFRA TAFRI , one place you surely need to visit if you have been missing out on it. 

Never doubting her ability to charm the audience, tonight she is all set to give out positive and energetic vibes to get you grooving and letting loose, making you have a worthyyy Saturday. 

Also we have Nina & Malika, the dynamic duo alongside ZEPHYRTONE who have been making crowds dance like never before with their energetic performances. Party with them at YOUTHOPIA’17 6pm onwards conducted by The Heritage School.

Seems like this weekend is outshined by these amazing female artists who have performed across the globe and got a crazy and huge fan following to themselves.

Keeping the ladies apart, DJ Amann’s going live at GOLD tonight. Currently based from Mumbai, he is a man of high spirits and surely is going to bang some chart busting number to get you grooving, giving you one hell of a night.

So get the party pumping people !

Where are you going tonight ? 😎


 The ultimate man of the show for the hip-hop scene in kolkata, DJ Felix

He has taken charge of the console and conquered the show with his Hip-Hop Jam.

Also a Turntablist cum VDJ , He has given Kolkata and other cities ruling the nightlife scenario crazy back to back ladies’ night.

Man of principles he definitely is, and is also very loyal towards his crowd. 

As he says ‘BE THE CHANGE’

Today we celebrate the man himself at another ladies’ night with some over the top and mindboggling hip hop and commercial music which is definitely going to get your hips and legs grooving. As the term itself indicates ‘Hip’ ‘Hop’ 😉


Only at Club Boudoir Kolkata 8 pm onwards.

Be there nice and early ladies. ❤

We also have drinks on the house for ladies till midnight. 

Wishing you a Happy Birthday Felix !


The Social Junkie.

Psychedelic beats by ACE VENTURA. 

 Psy is believed to be one form of music which takes you to a different level of vision all together. 

This was one of those nights for me and for the entire crowd that was the part of ACE VENTURA LIVE at Club Boudoir Kolkata. 

He sure did the magic and justice to all those psychedelic fans in kolkata.

There were energetic vibes coming from the crowd, the entire team of DJs taking charge of the console one after other. We also had DJ Vikrant on the deck who gave a fascinating opening act for Ace Ventura.

And he ended with the crowd screaming and asking for more having a huge round of applause to his name, clearly having fans showing their love for the genre.

 Here’s a Look-see of the gig held at Club Boudoir Kolkata.

Justice, ACE VENTURA sure does to his fans. ❤

K-town looks forward to more of such nights to show their love for music and the artist.