Your Guideline to Nightlife in your city.


Yayyyy, and the weekend is here. 

And here we are, Giving you a quick brief about all the places you could visit today and release all the stress and negativity of the week, and sorta prepare yourself for another set of weekdays eh ? 😋

Okay Kolkata. 

After a very hot and amazing night of Bollywood EDM tracks by Actress cum DJ Shilpi Sharma at Club Boudoir yesterday and Gaurav Malaker and Avinash Kumar aka  Blot smashing the night with their Organic and Electronic music at the very new hotspot of the town, Phoenix, I’m pretty sure you have received your early weekend chills ? 

DJ Shilpi Sharma at Club Boudoir Kolkata

In case not we have ‘The Royal Flush’ for you.

CANDICE REDDING is very much ready to get you the jackpot tonight at AFRA TAFRI , one place you surely need to visit if you have been missing out on it. 

Never doubting her ability to charm the audience, tonight she is all set to give out positive and energetic vibes to get you grooving and letting loose, making you have a worthyyy Saturday. 

Also we have Nina & Malika, the dynamic duo alongside ZEPHYRTONE who have been making crowds dance like never before with their energetic performances. Party with them at YOUTHOPIA’17 6pm onwards conducted by The Heritage School.

Seems like this weekend is outshined by these amazing female artists who have performed across the globe and got a crazy and huge fan following to themselves.

Keeping the ladies apart, DJ Amann’s going live at GOLD tonight. Currently based from Mumbai, he is a man of high spirits and surely is going to bang some chart busting number to get you grooving, giving you one hell of a night.

So get the party pumping people !

Where are you going tonight ? 😎