Psychedelic beats by ACE VENTURA. 

 Psy is believed to be one form of music which takes you to a different level of vision all together. 

This was one of those nights for me and for the entire crowd that was the part of ACE VENTURA LIVE at Club Boudoir Kolkata. 

He sure did the magic and justice to all those psychedelic fans in kolkata.

There were energetic vibes coming from the crowd, the entire team of DJs taking charge of the console one after other. We also had DJ Vikrant on the deck who gave a fascinating opening act for Ace Ventura.

And he ended with the crowd screaming and asking for more having a huge round of applause to his name, clearly having fans showing their love for the genre.

 Here’s a Look-see of the gig held at Club Boudoir Kolkata.

Justice, ACE VENTURA sure does to his fans. ❤

K-town looks forward to more of such nights to show their love for music and the artist.