The Social Junkie

The Social Junkie – Giving you the best nights of your life.


Good music, Enthusiactic crowd, DJs getting y’all groove to their beats and a Perfect address.

Ah, the night can be dope-headed.

Being an nocturnal myself, the night has always been an adventure to explore for me. And If you are reading this, the Nightlife surely has become a crucial part of your life as well.

The Social Junkie is going to be your ultimate feed and guideline to the gigs and happenings in and around the city. Giving you a proper overview of the Events, Artists, Venue and all other things that makes you go humming the tunes of the black eyes peas’ “Tonight’s gonna be a good night”
Here’s to a beautiful journey and to making you go gaga over your upcoming nights. 

Be the social junkie. 🙂

Author: Khushii Gupta

21. Inquisitive. Perceptive. Eccentric. Making each step count.

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